Sunday, November 21, 2004

Wooziesorely is a laziesorley and will not be posting for the forseeable future, because, well.... I can't be bothered!



Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Don't you just fucking love it when you put time and effort into a post and Blogger eats it up.


Sunday, November 14, 2004

I babysat for my 3 month old niece yesterday so my sister and her husband could go to Sushi School.

R and I had sole responsibility for her for 5.5 hours.

Summary of the day:

Bottles of milk drunk - 2
Poohs had - 2
Wees had - 2
Outfit changes due to getting pooh on the the sleepsuit - 1
Outfit changes due to projectile vomitting - 0 thank god
Naps taken - 3
"Baby Einstein" DVDs watched - 2
Grizzly moments - 0. Yes, 0. She is an angel.

My sister did warn me that everyone who has ever babysat for her wants their own baby afterwards, because she's so darned gorgeous. And I must say the thought crossed my mind. Spent the entire morning dozing in bed and occasionally shagging today in a bid to banish those thoughts. Mornings in bed would be but a fantasy when there was a small person sleeping beside us.

Just to screw you all up chronologically, I went to see BJD2 on Friday night. What a load of crap.

Ok - Rebecca was not a 22 year old intern. She was the same age as Bridget and a top lawyer. And most of all she was not a lesbian.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.....

And the film makers managed to conveniently bypass the storyline in the first film where Bridget quit working for Cleaver's organisation, as he pops up in her office in the 2nd film.

And then they go to work in Thailand together. Wrong. Very wrong.

And Jessica Stevenson did not make a very convincing Magda. She would have been more convincing as Bridget.

And does Bridget wear anything other than miniskirts and opaque tights?

And they don't bloody well get engaged in the book!

And Bridget thought she was pregnant with Cleaver's kid, not Darcy's.

Oh I could do on...

I know it's hard to get 300 pages into 90 minutes, but this really was a pile of wank. And to confirm that my loathing of it can't be attributed to the fact that I've become a smug nearly-married since I saw the first film, I watched it on TV last night. And loved it.

Am now getting very excited at the thought of going to Brussels on Tuesday. I fully intend to eat nothing but frites and chocolate for 5 days.


Saturday, November 06, 2004

I fell asleep at 9.15 yesterday evening - half way through the first episode of the simpsons on channel 4. I woke up at 10, concerned I would never get back to sleep after such a late nap. Then drifted off again at half past. Finally gave up at about 11 and went to bed.

Woke up at 7 this morning raring to go. Of course there is a snoozing R next to me, who came to bed at about 2am, who was not very impressed when I shook him awake to tell him about the dream I had where he slept with one of my old school friends for "100 minutes."

100 bloody minutes? I don't think we've ever even shagged for that long! How the hell did he manage it with her? Oh yeah - it was just a dream. No need to panic.

I hope everyone enjoys their municipal firework displays this weekend. I'm off to Blackheath for the festivities.