Thursday, June 30, 2005

And I completely forgot to mention - I sat at a table with Terry Waite yesterday evening for dinner! He was providing the after dinner speech, which was excellent. And I now know that he likes beans.

The behaviour from some of the conference delegates was weird though. Particularly drunk women brandishing camera phones. It made me think: he is not a celebrity. He's an ordinary person, that something extraordinary (and awful) happened to. Please excuse grammar, I need a sleep. He acquired celebrity status because of a terrible thing. So everytime someone ran up to him with a camera phone and asked if he could pose for a photo, it must have evoked a constant sense of revictimisation for him. And since I work for an organisation whose aim is to help people who have been through crap experiences, this seemed quite odd.

Goodbye again.


Well our wedding was marvellous. So much fun. Fun fun fun from start to finish. Honeymoon also, although a little freakishly hot for my liking. 33 degrees in Amsterdam and Paris was not pleasant.

I want to tell you all tales of raiding the minibar in the cabin on the boat to Holland. And about the swingers club we went to in Amsterdam, (hehe, lascivious grin) and the Iron Maiden concert in Paris. It was all so lovely. Actually, the swingers club wasn't lovely. It was downright awful. But an amusing tale to tell the grandchildren.

But I need to sleep! We got back from holiday on Sunday night. I went to work on Monday and nearly topped myself because it was so depressing to be back. And since Tuesday I have been away at my workplace's national conference. It really was a 48 hour bender. Which, coming after a 10 day bender, has left me feeling a little worse for wear. I must go to bed, because it's my birthday tomorrow; I have the day off work and I need to be perky and ready for another bender.

Bye all!


Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I'm getting married on Thursday.